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p90x Week 9; Yoga X and cheatin on the diet :(

Yoga day.  I love yoga, but put out the ‘I’m-too-cool-for-this-yoga-shit-so-don’t-stare-at-me-while-I-do-the-downward-dog’ attitude so people don’t think I’m some sorta pansy.  Deep down I know that most of the people who do yoga could bend and flip their way to kicking my ass.

I cheated royally on my diet today.  I work two days a week at a business conference in the city.  Our little team lost a member today so we all went out to lunch.  This guy who is leaving picked Bucca Di Beppo, Italian family style food.  I forced to chose between lasagna and chicken parmasean.  How do you spell parmagsan?  Anyway, I had too much cheese and too many carbs for lunch.

I’m going to train tonight.  Muay thai is a killer work out.  I have a bruise the size of cantelope on my left but cheek.  Hurts like hell every time I have to lay on my side.

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Week 9: Killing it with Plyox and Muay Thai

One of my main motivations in doing P90x was to get back into shape so that I can fight in the local mma show here in Salt Lake City.  P90x has given me that opportunity.   P90x is a killer workout  but now that I’m  nearing fight shape I have started incorporating  fight training to my workout regimen.

When do I sleep you ask?  I don’t.  I get to bed about 1a.m. and my son wakes up to eat breakfast about 6 a.m..  So I’m a five hour a night kinda guy.

Muay Thai is such a fun work out, and a killer striking art.  I’m going to mess someone up with an elbow, I’m excited about the blood.

Today I ate two vegan sausage patties on a peice of wheat toast  for breakfast and you know I washed it down with a drink mix of protein powder and water….. so un-tasty.  For a snack I had another Protein/water mix and a protein bar.  For lunch I’m eating a salad with field greens, carots, turkey and a balsamic vinaigrette dressing.  String cheese is sooooo good.

I’m having a snack of 1oz. of plain almonds in a bit and for dinner I’m going to surprise my wife and make some shrimp stir fry.

Tonight I’m doing the back and bicep/ab ripper x work out.  This is the dvd that makes me feel “buff”.  I like to work out my biceps, but my abs are more fun now.  I toyed with the idea of doing the ab  ripper x two times back to back on the appropriate days.  I’m going to try it tonight.  I might not be able to stand up, but if you see me laying on the ground, I’ll be the one with the six pack.

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Protein bar reviews by the average consumer

There are a couple of things I look for in a protein bar.  I’ve rarely found a protein bar that meets all of my standards.   Today I reviewed a few different protein bars and ranked them 1st, 2nd and 3rd.  I eat a protein bar for a between breakfast and lunch snack every day.  I didn’t eat all of these in one sitting, I ate one each day for three consecutive days.

3rd place – Myoplex Monster Protein bar
Taste -     3.   ehh.  average chalky protein bar.
Density -  3.  Got milk.  No seriously I can’t choke this down.
Protein  -  5.  Damn. I don’t even need to eat lunch now.
Carbs   -   3.  ehh.  not bad.
Notes – If i was a body builder looking to get huge pretty muscles that can lift small volkswagons, this’d be my protein bar.

2nd place – Cliff protein bar
Taste-       3. It is okay.  Not the best but I’ve had worse.
Density -  4. It isn’t too thick and fairly soft.
Protein -   4. 20g’s of protein aint a bad amount.
Carbs -     2.  Too many carbs for this fat guy.
Notes – I love cliff bars and until today they were my choice for protein bars.  They are made by tree huggers and are good for naturalists, organicists and other folks trying to be better people.

1st place – The Snickers Marathon Protein bar
Taste -      5.  Almost as good as the candy bar
Density -   4.  Thick, but still chewable
Protein -    4.  20g per bar isn’t bad.
Carbs -      3. 17g per bar isn’t bad either.
Notes – They put peanuts in just like the candy bar.  This is a great change of pace from the ordinary protien bar. Favorite flavor – chocolate peanut crunch


I haven’t yet tried the p90x peak performance bar.  It has a lot of carbs and not alot of protein.  It is supposed to be a good ‘energy’ bar though.  I’m going to buy some when I reorder my p90x recovery drink mix.

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P90x Week 9 Day 1, Chest and Back – ab ripper x – 1 mile jog

For some reason I felt ambitious this morning.  I woke up, got ready and started intensely on disc 1 Chest and Back.  I was rockin it too.  In my record book I looked at what my goals and results were from weeks 1 through 3.  I was doing 20 standard pushups, today I did 35.  I was doing 10 pullups, today I did 18.  I was killing it……

Then I puked.

About halfway through the workout I tossed my proverbial cookies.  I have been battling a little bit of sickness for a while now, but have not yet thrown up while working out.  Like a champ I put in a peice of gum and kept at it.  Then puked again.

Then I got a second wave of adrenaline or energy.  I finished my work out with fire.  The dive bombers were as unpleasant as I remembered.  It has been six weeks since I’ve done them and I wasn’t looking forward to them.  They remind me of how bad at yoga I am.  My shoulders are on fire after about twelve dive bombers. If I happen to look at the tv while doing it I always see Moraine (sorry for the mis-spelling) doing her dive bombers with her fine ass up in the air and I get distracted.

After finishing the dvd, I took a quick one mile jog.  I would say it was just under seven minutes.  Good to get outside and run again.  I hate, let me repeat that, I hate running on the treadmill.  I’d rather get fat over the winter than run on a treadmill.

When I got back from the jog I finished my work out with the ab ripper x dvd.  I love that thing.  The fiefer sissors are getting easier but still make me feel like I’m a little boy getting beat on by a step father. 

I haven’t eaten anything yet today and it is just after ten a.m..  I had my creatine drink this morning, but I’m sure I threw all of it up.  I also had my recovery drink…… “Oh thank heaven, for the p90x recovery drink”

One more week on the fat shredder diet and I should be in good shape.

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90x Week 8 recap; last day of rest

This week started rocky due to a plague I contracted from who knows where! I started taking antibiotics for a sinus infection, which is one of the many things my body is using in it’s mutiny attempt.  Only thing worse than being sick is that I gave this awful mess to my wife and my three month old son.

I took a few days off to rest and get better.  I resumed training Saturday morning by working a little Muay Thai with my MIA team.  I’m getting excited to fight.  Due to the sickness I lost a few extra pounds this week.  I’m sitting below 170lbs.  I could realistically go all the way down to 155, but it would have to be a one time deal, 170 is my natural weight.

I’m in need of some additional conditioning training.  I’m thinking about going to the local high school and running bleachers, or possibly just doing some interval running on the parkway near my house.  The bleachers sound fun and exciting but painful, so I haven’t decided yet.

P90x training resumes Monday as well.  I’m really need to step it up this week.  I’m starting back on the first set of dvd’s.  I really liked them and I love the whole muscle confusion concept.  It keeps me going each week.

I’m still continuing the fat shredder diet because I enjoy the meal options and I don’t miss the carbs.  I feel I still have a little fat to lose around the middle and I know I can get rid of it with the fat shredder diet.

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p90x week 8

I’m not doing the rest week this week.  I have been pretty sick over the weekend and as a result haven’t stuck to my diet plan, or any diet plan for that matter.  It wasn’t that I over ate, it was that I didn’t eat enough of anything, except left over sweet tarts from easter.

I’m going to continue p90x stage 2 for one more week before taking a rest week.  I think that will help.  I’m at 172 lbs and my abs are more and more defined every day.  I finished ab ripper x last night and felt great.  My head is currently more conjested and stuffed up than ever.

I’m supposed to go train tonight with the Muay Thai team, I hope I can get my sorry but ready to go.  I need to train if I’m going to be fighting soon.

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Week 7 plyo x

It was my mom’s birthday last night (I didn’t have any cake, you proud?), I didn’t get home in time to train, fight, or do my plyo x.  So I’m doubling up today.  I woke up at 7am this morning and did my plyox that I missed yesterday.  Then tonight I’m going to do the arms workout with my fave ab ripper x.

I weighed myself at my parents, I don’t know how correct their scale is but I was right at 175lbs.  That isn’t bad.  I drink a ton of water every day.  I know that the day before weigh-in for a fight I could drop atleast 5lbs but probably even more like 10lbs. of just water. I also feel like I have a little fat around the middle I can lose still.

Plyo x was great this morning.  The first twenty minutes killed me though.  I’ve been battling what I call a severe cold/weak pnuemonia.  I got this sickness the same way I get all my sicknesses, kissing my lovely wife.   Anyway, after twenty minutes I threw up a little stomach acid in my mouth.  I took a quick swig of water and went right back to quick switch pick ups.  You plyo x’ers know what I’m talkin about.

I’m looking forward to the arms work out tonight, My creatine supplement has Nox in it and my arms get really pumped up like I’m some sorta body builder.  I’m going to switch my creatine after this cycle.  I’m going to switch back to No Xplode.  I’ve been on Xyience’s NoxCG3, but I’m not sold on it.  I was an animal while I used No Xplode a year or so ago.

The diet plan for today, strawberries and no flavor no fat yogurt for breakfast with a whole wheat english muffin.  For lunch, some tuna salad and a protein bar.  Don’t know what dinner is yet, haven’t read that far ahead.

Anyone else in week 7 feel like their triceps are as sore as a muscle can get?  Mine feel like their on fire and they’ve had two days off!

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Week 7 Day 1. Chest, shoulder and triceps

So……. apparently I’m in week 7.  I know that because my workout journal tells me so.  Somewhere in this fun and madness I stopped keeping track of where I was at in the program.  Anyway, I’m in week 7 now and last night I rocked the Chest, Shoulder and Triceps work out.  Then I was immediately reminded of how out of shape I really am by my best friend, ab ripper x.

I love seeing results and I’m seeing and feeling more than ever.  My abs are coming along great, my shoulders are looking good and my biceps are starting to have clear definition.  It is getting fun.  I’ve heard that the fat doesn’t really start to come off until week 7.  I’m hoping to lose this last little bit of chub around my belly button.  Everything else is looking good.

I’m still in Phase 2 of the diet.  I’m going to finish out as the book recommends, but as for long term dieting I’ll probably return to the Phase 1: Fat Shreddar stage.  This morning for breakfast I’m supposed to eat a whole wheat bagel, 8oz of 1% cottage cheese, and an orange.  I don’t have an orange so I’ll have a bannana, in fact I’m going to eat that while I finish typing. 

Yum.  Today I’m going to train with Loha, I’m gearing up to fight in the UCE in Salt Lake sometime in April or early May.  Should be fun.

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P90x week 5 day 3 and 4

Yesterday night at about 11:55pm I finally put my wife and son to bed and was able to work out.  Normally I work out in the morning, but it just wasn’t happening.  Last night I watched the fights on SpikeTV before I started and got myself pumped up.

 I increased weight this week on my biceps and back work outs.  The pull ups are getting easier, but that last ‘max rep pullup’ kills me.  ‘Max Rep Pullup’ is code language for torture yourself till you throw up.  I think I did like 14 before I could get all the way up on my own.  By that point I had already done over a hundred pull ups in under an hour and my lats were ready to pack their shit up and leave.

The diet is going good.  The increase in carbs has me worried.  I’m going to post more pictures this weekend to show the amount of weight I’ve lost and the drastic changes in muscle definition that I’ve had over the last week or so.  I’m worried that an increase in carbs will slow the weight loss.  Today for lunch I got to eat 9oz of deli turkey on whole wheat toast.  I don’t like Mayo and this is probably one of my favorite sandwhiches anyway.  My vegan conscience goes crazy whenever I prepare a meat dish for myself, but I’m doing what I have to do. 

The P90x diet is so crucial in getting me enough energy to finish these tough workouts while keeping the calories low enough I can still lose weight.  2800 calories a day is probably double what I ate for two years while I was vegan.

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A question arose about doing Yoga X twice during the recovery week and how I felt about the recovery week in general.

The recovery week for me was great.  I really enjoyed doing the core synergistic workout, even though it put me in pain for a day or so.  The recovery week was extremely important in preparing me for the next round of p90x.  Week five is going great and I owe that to the ‘muscle confusion’.  Without the recovery week my muscles would have likely plataue’d in the next week or so.

Doing Yoga X twice in one week is tough for me.  I struggle with the yoga as it is and to do it twice in one week was torture.  I did it, but I complained before the second round.  I always feel great after the yoga workout, so I stopped complaining. In my next ‘recovery week’ I’ll probably complain before the second yoga x but do it anyway.

The biggest change for me was the diet change from the ‘fat shredder’ stage to the ‘energy boost’ stage.  I am debating whether to stick on the ‘fat shredder’ stage for a couple of weeks longer.  I really enjoyed the extra protein and didn’t struggle too bad with the low amount of carbs I was eating.  For most people that ‘fat shredder’ stage is probably a reduction in eating, but for me it was actually adding food to my diet that I didn’t eat.  I was eating more food than I was used to and losing weight at the same time.

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